by Diane Weinberg

As an Elder Law attorney, I have heard more than a few tragic stories about how adult children and siblings have lost connections with their loved ones through dementia. I have also heard a number of stories about how music has been able to create a connection between family members and their elderly parents who were otherwise non-verbal or almost non-ambulatory. To be effective, the music must be part of that individual’s past. For example, an avid church member may respond to Amazing Grace. Once, I heard a director of an assisted living facility describe how he got a response from a former elementary school teacher by singing “Wheels on the Bus.”

So, to start your day on a happy note, I hope you enjoy this video which shows a 93-year old grandmother with dementia dancing to some of her favorite music from her youth – “The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” And may all your days be filled with the joy and spirit of music!

'Boogie Woogie' grandma surprises family with dance

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