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Take Steps to Prevent Destructive Post-Death Disputes Over Your Estate Plan

A large part of the estate planning process is determining how you want assets distributed at your death and selecting the fiduciary who will be ...
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Casey Kasem: Lessons Learned at the End of Life

In this, our first video issue of the Passionate Estate Planner, Diane Weinberg looks into the facts of the Casey Kasem matter as reported in ...
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“Do-It-Yourself” Wills & Other Estate Planning – If You Really Care, Beware! (Updated February 2023)

Most people have estate planning in some form on their personal “to do” lists, but very few people want to do it. First, no one ...
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Estate and Trust Disputes: Ways to Resolve Them and the Morgan & DiSalvo Approach

This article is part of a series on Estate and Trust Disputes. Other resources include: Estate & Trust Disputes: Common Types and How to Avoid ...
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Collaborative Process – The New Alternative Legal Process for Amicably Resolving Disputes

by Richard M. Morgan & Loraine M. DiSalvo In our July 2010 newsletter, we discussed various dispute resolution processes. We discussed traditional litigation, along with ...
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Banks Wreak Havoc on Estate Planning By Forcing the Use of Joint Accounts

Recently, I met with a new client, and was confronted yet again with the result of bad advice from bankers. The client had a power ...
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Importance of Proper Asset Ownership and Beneficiary Designations

This installment of the Passionate Estate Planner is a reminder that a well done estate plan includes not only properly prepared legal documents, but also ...
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Dispute Resolution Case Study

When Ronald Black was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he took the appropriate and responsible steps towards getting his affairs in order. The family printing business ...
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