Q&A with Loraine: Putting Car in My Name

Question: My father recently died with an outstanding title loan on his car. I used my own money to pay off the title loan, do ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Releasing an Executor from liability

Question: When the estate is completely settled, what steps does the executor take to release himself from future liability? Background: My brother is the Executor ...
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Corporate Fiduciaries for Estates & Trusts: Reliability, Prudence, Reasonableness, Protection and Peace of Mind (Updated May 2023)

Choosing the fiduciaries to carry out your estate plan can be the most important decisions you make in structuring your estate plan.   Why is this ...
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Fiduciary Selection: A Critical Part of Any Well-Prepared Estate Plan (Updated May 2023)

by Richard M. Morgan & Loraine M. DiSalvo In the estate planning context, a “fiduciary” is someone who will serve in a role of authority ...
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Estate Planning: Common Concerns and How to Address Them

Estate planning is the process of addressing a number of important issues that everyone will eventually need to face. This section is intended to summarize ...
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