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Gifting Assets to Others

People often like to gift assets to loved ones if they are financially able to do so. Some enjoy being able to witness their loved ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Tax-free Gifts

Question: How do I give money from my brother’s estate to other family members tax-free? Background: My brother, who lived in Arkansas, recently died and ...
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UPDATED 3/30/20: Gift Tax Return Due Dates Extended to July 15, 2020

UPDATE 3/30/20: The IRS has extended the deadline for gift tax return filings, too – July 15, 2020. You may read Notice 2020-20 under “Guidance” on the ...
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The Essence of Estate Planning: Let the Journey Begin

At its most fundamental level, estate planning is about controlling the otherwise-uncontrollable. Death is inevitable; disability is increasingly probable as we age. When death or ...
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Perpetual Dynasty Trusts – Maximizing The Benefits Of Trusts By Structuring Them To Last Longer (Updated April 2023)

In past issues of The Passionate Estate Planner, we have emphasized the benefits which trusts can provide for those who want to transfer assets to ...
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Courts Rule Against IRS in Defined-Value Transfer Cases; Clear the Way for Using Hard to Value Assets to Optimize 2010 Tax Act Gifting Possibilities

Alpharetta, Georgia—May 9, 2012—Defined-value transfers, a mechanism for gifting hard-to-value assets, has long been a target of the IRS, with the agency often arguing the ...
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The 2010 Tax Act, Gifts, and Perpetual Dynasty Trusts – The Perfect Estate Planning Combination

One of the many provisions of the tax law which became effective on December 17, 2010 (the “2010 Tax Act”) was a provision which effectively ...
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Charitable Giving and Social Capital

“Social capital” is essentially money or other assets which will be used for activities which benefit either the government or society. When you pay taxes, ...
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