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Q&A with Loraine: Does My Mother Need a Will if I’m Her Only Child?

Question: Until recently, my mother and I lived in different states. However, she has moved in with me so that I can take care of ...
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Q&A with Loraine: In Which State Should a Request for an Estate Administrator be Filed?

Question: My brother’s fiancée died in Georgia. Her family (brothers and mother) live in Kentucky. They want my brother to administer her estate. They are ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Designating Someone to Make Health Care Decisions?

Question: My children made a very poor medical decision for me years ago, and I need to prevent it from ever happening again. We live ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Who Would Inherit in This Situation?

Question: Who would be the heir to an estate in this situation? The individual has a Will, but it is not up to date, and ...
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Q&A with Loraine: I’m Purchasing a House this Year. I Want My Children to Inherit the Property Without Going to Probate Court. Where Should I Start?

Question: I will be purchasing a house at the end of the year, and I want the transfer of property to be as simple as ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Should I add my adult disabled daughter to my house title?

Question: I am 77, and my daughter is 46 and disabled. Should I add her to the title on my house so that it won’t ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Is it better to name my kids as beneficiaries on my savings and investment accounts, or should I have my accounts go to my estate?

Question: Is it better to have my savings and investments go directly to my beneficiaries when I die, or should I have them go to ...
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Q&A with Loraine: My father has five children between my stepsiblings and me. How will his house be split?

Question: My father passed away in October. His wife died about eight years ago. I’m the oldest child from his first marriage, and he has ...
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