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Q&A with Loraine: If I change a sentence in my Will and get it notarized, will it still be legal in Georgia?

Question: My Will currently states that my daughter may continue to live in one of my houses until she moves out or dies, at which …

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Q&A with Loraine: Will changed four days before death

Question: If a Will is changed four days before death when the signer is oxygen-deprived, is the Will legal? Background: My stepfather and my mother …

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If You Have Estate Planning Documentation, Do You Still Need a Living Trust?

One question that comes up frequently is whether you need a Revocable Living Trust (RLT) – or Living Trust – if you already have a …

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Another Day, Another Real Life Estate Drama

by Richard Morgan Based on preliminary news reports, M. Richard Robinson, Jr., the head of Scholastic Corp., died suddenly this past June while he was out …

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Should I Use a Will or a Revocable Living Trust as My Primary Estate Planning Document? Separating Facts From Fiction (Updated May 2022)

by Richard Morgan As part of your base estate plan, you need to determine if a Will or a Revocable Living Trust (RLT) should serve …

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Back to the Basics: How Do Assets Pass at the Death of the Owner?

Have you heard of a situation where a deceased person’s former spouse ended up receiving his life insurance or retirement savings, instead of the person’s …

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Take Steps to Prevent Destructive Post-Death Disputes Over Your Estate Plan

A large part of the estate planning process is determining how you want assets distributed at your death and selecting the fiduciary who will be …

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Casey Kasem: Lessons Learned at the End of Life

In this, our first video issue of the Passionate Estate Planner, Diane Weinberg looks into the facts of the Casey Kasem matter as reported in …

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