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Understanding the Complex World of Taxation

Almost every movement of money or property during our lives and at our death has tax consequences. At Morgan & DiSalvo, we understand the complex world of taxation and have the extensive knowledge and experience needed to help our clients deal with the numerous tax laws. We have particularly strong skills at helping our clients plan for, minimize, and comply with the various wealth transfer taxes (which include the gift, estate, and generation skipping transfer taxes), and in helping our clients deal with tax controversies.

In the estate planning world, we like to think of estate, gift, and generation skipping transfer taxes as penalties for failing to plan or planning improperly. With the proper amount of time and effort, we can often help our clients significantly reduce (and most often eliminate) the wealth transfer taxes that may eventually be paid when their assets are transferred to their desired beneficiaries.

We also have a strong history of success in helping our clients deal with state and federal tax authorities where there is a dispute or controversy regarding the amount of income taxes, employment taxes, estate taxes, or gift taxes owed. We are often able to minimize the amount owed and help work out a reasonable method for paying any remaining amounts due. While you will hear many advertisements about how you can beat the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) with almost no effort, this is not reality. Dealing with the IRS is serious business. There is a big difference between saying you can get something done and actually getting it done. The reality is that every case is unique and the IRS is a complex organization with a complex set of substantive tax rules and procedures. You need to be able to determine how the tax rules work best in your case, and then work your way through the system to obtain the best result. Like everything else that we do, we are passionate about this area of the law and we take our clients’ matters very seriously.

Our Tax Planning Services Include:

  • Income tax planning
  • Estate tax planning
  • Gift tax planning
  • GST tax planning
  • Estate tax returns preparation
  • Gift tax returns preparation
  • GST tax returns preparation
  • Income tax controversies
  • Employment tax controversies
  • Estate tax controversies
  • Gift tax controversies
  • GST tax controversies
"I have brought Loraine to the table for a number of my financial planning clients. She has been very meticulous in approaching the estate plan. She had great follow-up to make sure the documents were properly signed and executed. I work with many estate planning attorneys, but always go to Loraine for the tougher cases that require her expertise."
Meredith Moore
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