Estate & Trust Disputes: Common Types and How to Avoid Them

Disputes over a loved one’s estate or trust can be incredibly destructive to both assets and relationships. They can also result in the destruction of the loved one’s intended asset distribution plan. Careful and appropriate estate planning can often help avoid estate or trust related disputes. In addition, a carefully constructed plan can often help minimize the damage which results from any disputes which do arise. When a dispute cannot be avoided, a careful and thoughtful approach to resolving the dispute can also help minimize the overall damage.

We have prepared a summer series of newsletters focusing on the most common types of estate and trust related disputes, ways they can often be avoided through good planning, and options for resolving the ones which aren’t avoided. In this June 2010 installment of our newsletter, we will review the most common types of estate and trust related disputes and discuss how proper estate planning could have prevented them. In our July 2010 newsletter, we plan to discuss how we at Morgan & DiSalvo help our clients work through estate and trust related disputes. In August 2010, we want to focus on a fairly new method for resolving estate and trust disputes: collaborative law.

To read this month’s article, click here:Estate & Trust Disputes: Common Types and How to Avoid Them.

At Morgan & DiSalvo, we take great pride in helping our estate planning clients think though their plans, to try to avoid the risk of future disputes or help ensure that any disputes which arise can be settled quickly and smoothly. We bring our extensive experience in helping families resolve estate and trust related disputes to the planning table, so that we can point out potential pitfalls and help clients determine a way to avoid them.

If you or someone you know is considering creating or updating an estate plan, let Morgan & DiSalvo help ensure that the plan is designed to avoid potential disputes as well as possible. Or, if you or someone you know fears that a dispute over an estate or trust is about to begin, let us help you start working to resolve it. Please contact us to schedule a meeting by calling (678) 720-0750 or emailing Scarlett Ollila at We look forward to hearing from you.

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– Loraine M. DiSalvo & Richard M. Morgan

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