Significant Changes to GA Law Became Effective on July 1, 2018, and We Are Here to Educate and Help

In light of the significant changes to Georgia trust law beginning July 1, 2018, we wanted to create an easy way for our readers to learn more about this important estate planning topic. Here is a listing of the current materials on our website:

  1. Introducing the M&D Will & Trust Improvement Service!
    This Newsletter introduces our new service to help those who wish to ensure that their estate plans are up-to-date in light of the significant 2012 and 2017 tax law changes and the July 1, 2018, Georgia law changes. In addition, this service can assist those who may wish to improve/modify or terminate an existing irrevocable trust in which they are involved as a settlor/creator, trustee or beneficiary.
  2. News Alert: Big & Important changes to GA Law Become Effective on July 1, 2018!
    This News Alert is an excellent review of the most important changes to Gerogia law that effect estate planning.
  3. Reasons to Decant or Otherwise Modify an Irrevocable Trust
    This article reviews the various benefits that can be achieved by decanting or otherwise modifying an irrevocable trust.
  4. Thinking Through the Need, Ability and Process to Modify an Irrevocable Trust
    This article provides the reader with an understanding of the steps needed in considering the possible modification or decanting of an existing irrevocable trust.
  5. The Power to Change an Otherwise Irrevocable Trust (HB121)
    This Newsletter provides a more in-depth review of the changes to Georgia law that enable the improvement/modification or termination of an existing irrevocable trust.

Of course, we are always available to discuss these changes and how they may impact your estate plan. Call us at 678-720-0750 to schedule an appointment.

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