Listen Now: Planning Documents with Diane Weinberg

Diane Weinberg Talks Planning Documents on the Money Savage Podcast, In this episode with host George Grombacher, Attorney of Counsel Diane Weinberg discusses the legal documents needed to protect seniors and those who have special needs, the risks faced if they don't have them and how it all fits together.

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Medicaid Rules, as Explained by a Trusted Colleague

By Diane Weinberg I've always been a little hesitant to write a general article about Medicaid planning with any detail. Medicaid laws and regulations are extremely nuanced and can impact other laws, including tax laws, VA disability pension law, and laws governing trusts and estate. My biggest fear has always been that someone would read [...]

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The Top Five Secret (and Abhorrent) Tricks to Winning a Guardianship and Conservatorship

The Georgia Code for Guardianship and Conservatorship became effective in July 2005. Since that date, attorneys who practice in this area have learned many tricks of the trade. I've studied the guardianship code, and I've even taught classes about the basics of guardianships and conservatorships. Yet, the best techniques to guarantee your client's success have [...]

Will Your Medicare Premiums and Deductibles Increase in 2016?

By Diane Weinberg Last month, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the 2016 premiums and deductibles for Medicare Parts A and B. While there is not an increase for most people, those turning 65 this year will likely have higher premiums. Here are the details… Part A – Inpatient hospital coverage The vast [...]

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Having Those Hard Conversations During the Holidays

The holidays are a time when families gather together in celebration. Traditions are carried out and new ones are made. Stories are shared, memories created and relationships strengthened. However, these occasions may also reveal that time has passed and things have changed - and not for the better. The health, financial situation, and overall well-being [...]

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Casey Kasem: Lessons Learned at the End of Life

In this, our first video issue of the Passionate Estate Planner, Diane Weinberg looks into the facts of the Casey Kasem matter as reported in the media, and highlights the lessons that individuals should consider when planning for their long term care. Many of these issues are especially relevant for individuals in blended families or [...]

The Essence of Estate Planning: Let the Journey Begin

At its most fundamental level, estate planning is about controlling the otherwise-uncontrollable. Death is inevitable; disability is increasingly probable as we age. When death or incapacity occurs, what happens to us, to our property, and to our loved ones? Planning in advance and taking advantage of our many applicable federal and state laws allows us [...]

What To Do When It All Goes Wrong: Guardianship and Conservatorship

By Diane B. Weinberg In the last two editions of The Passionate Estate Planner,we discussed various aspects of planning for incapacity. We addressed the types of incapacity documents typically used, common mistakes made when planning for incapacity, and the level of capacity needed to execute different types of legal documents. Today, we are going to [...]

Preparing for Incapacity: The Documents You Need and Traps to Avoid

By Diane B. Weinberg and Loraine M. DiSalvo In the last edition of The Passionate Estate Planner, we discussed the different levels of incapacity an individual can face and how incapacity impacts that person’s ability to sign legal documents. Today, we want to address those documents that can help protect individuals from the results of [...]