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Burial vs. Cremation: Personal preferences ranging from simplicity of “green burials” to the traditional to the extravagant

As part of our estate planning process, one of the topics we cover with clients is their preferences regarding being buried or cremated upon their ...
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Casey Kasem: Lessons Learned at the End of Life

In this, our first video issue of the Passionate Estate Planner, Diane Weinberg looks into the facts of the Casey Kasem matter as reported in ...
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Collaborative Process – The New Alternative Legal Process for Amicably Resolving Disputes

by Richard M. Morgan & Loraine M. DiSalvo In our July 2010 newsletter, we discussed various dispute resolution processes. We discussed traditional litigation, along with ...
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The Essence of Estate Planning: Let the Journey Begin

At its most fundamental level, estate planning is about controlling the otherwise-uncontrollable. Death is inevitable; disability is increasingly probable as we age. When death or ...
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Preparing for Incapacity: The Documents You Need and Traps to Avoid (Updated April 2023)

By Diane B. Weinberg and Loraine M. DiSalvo In the last edition of The Passionate Estate Planner, we discussed the different levels of incapacity an ...
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An Uncomfortable Conversation

I often joke that we need to install a wine bar in the corner of our conference room, or maybe even a soft ice cream ...
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Housing for Veterans in Need of Assistance and the Negative Impact of the VA’s Recent “Fast Letter”

One of the more challenging aspects of aging involves figuring out what housing is appropriate for us at different stages of life and how we ...
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Common Pitfalls When Planning Estates for Families with Special Needs Children (Updated April 2023)

I recently had the privilege to attend a bar mitzvah in which the young man also has a sibling with a profound disability. His sibling ...
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