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If you’ve put off estate planning because it sounds unpleasant, it’s important for you to know that every individual in Georgia already has a “default” estate plan. Without a Will in place at your death, the state gets to decide how your assets will be distributed.

If you want to avoid that scenario, it’s time to become intentional about your estate planning.

The Essentials of Estate Planning
Do you want to ensure that your health, your family, and your assets are taken care of in the future in the way that you’d like them to be? While estate planning can become quite complex, it essentially has two components: 1) arranging for your own care, if needed, and 2) arranging for the eventual distribution of your assets.

At a minimum, everyone should have a:

In addition, a Revocable Living Trust may be worth your consideration, and we recommend preparing an Ethical Will and a Letter of Instructions to solidify your estate plans.

Benefits of Estate Planning
Most people have distinct preferences about future decisions regarding their personal care, living conditions, and assets. A properly prepared estate plan will allow your loved ones to confidently carry out your financial and healthcare wishes if you die or become incapacitated.

In addition to providing peace of mind, comprehensive estate planning:

  • Allows you to pass your property on to others exactly as you desire
  • Avoids the need for court proceedings or court oversight
  • Allows you to select guardians to care for and raise your minor children if you die before they reach adulthood
  • Reduces the effects of “death” taxes, such as estate or inheritance taxes\
  • Helps prevent costly and destructive post-death disputes

Get Your Estate Plan Started
Life can change in a heartbeat and if you haven’t planned for it, you’re leaving your life’s most important decisions – and your family’s future – in someone else’s hands.

Here are two things you can do to get your estate plan started:

  1. Contact us for an initial consultation by calling (678) 720-0750 or emailing
  2. Download our Estate Planning checklist to gather the information you need prior to your appointment. Complete these to the best of your ability, and we’ll take it from there.

At Morgan & DiSalvo, we realize that estate planning can be overwhelming, but it’s an incredibly important responsibility. We’re pleased and honored to support you in this process.

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