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Q&A with Loraine: Adding a Child’s Name to a House Deed

Question: My mother wants me and my sister to add our names to the deed on my mother’s house while she is still alive. How ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Texts and Wills

Question: Is naming a beneficiary in a phone text considered a legal standard as far as a Will is concerned? Background: My brother is deceased, ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Reaching Your Attorney

Question: I hired an attorney to help me with a matter, but now I can never reach her when she’s in the office and not ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Out-of-state-probate

Question: I am the executor of my father’s estate and have sent all the paperwork to the bank to liquidate his accounts. However, the bank ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Navigating Probate

Question: Do I need to hire an attorney to go through probate? Background: My 53 year old dad recently passed away unexpectedly – without a ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Joint Bank Accounts

Question: If spouses (my brother and his wife) have a joint bank account, what happens to the assets in that account if one of them ...
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Q&A with Loraine: How Does a “Double Death” Affect Asset Distribution?

Question: My grandmother passed away a week after my father passed away. Do I take my dad’s spot in grandmother’s will? Loraine’s Answer: Please accept ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Tax-free Gifts

Question: How do I give money from my brother’s estate to other family members tax-free? Background: My brother, who lived in Arkansas, recently died and ...
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