Richard M Morgan speaks at Georgia State Law School

On April 14, 2015, Richard M. Morgan of Morgan & DiSalvo and John Spears of Spears & Spears spoke to a Georgia State Law School class about Alternative Dispute Resolution options as part of their Business Succession Planning case study. Professors Mary Radford and Ronald Blasi were working with their law school class on a business succession plan from start to finish, including what happens after the patriarch (father) dies and myriad issues arise in carrying out the estate plan which are about to lead to the filing of a law suit that may end up destroying what is left of their family harmony. In come Richard and John to discuss the alternatives to the often destructive, litigation dispute resolution process. John concentrated on Mediation and Richard concentrated on the newest form of alternative dispute resolution, the Collaborative Dispute Resolution Process. For anyone interested in the Collaborative Dispute Resolution Process, please see our Passionate Estate Planner Newsletter on the subject – Collaborative Process – The New Alternative Legal Process for Amicably Resolving Disputes.

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