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“The Accidental Superpower” by Peter Zeihan

As I have gotten older, I love to learn more and more.  The current book I am reading is not just good but rather mind altering as to how I see our world’s past and future.  I can now make more sense of the Middle East’s chaos and have a sense as to why our [...]

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More about A Mensch in our own backyard!

I was able to speak with Steve Baumgartner directly about his kidney donation, and I was so fascinated with what he did and its impact, I am doing another blog post on this topic.  Basically, he decided to do something nice by donating a kidney, and his plan was to let Piedmont Hospital choose the [...]

2016-12-22T06:23:44-05:00March 31st, 2015|Blog|

A Mensch in our own backyard!

This blog post goes out to my friend and sub-division tennis buddy, Steve Baumgartner.  Wow!  I knew he was a really nice guy and an excellent tennis player, but I had no idea that he would decide one day to save lives, without being asked and boasting to anyone about what he had done. He [...]

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Digital Assets and Estate Planning

When we talk to our clients about estate planning, we discuss the division of assets and who will be responsible for those assets. Increasingly, what to do with “digital assets” —Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other online accounts—is part of this conversation. So, beyond sorting through photos, jewelry, journals and heirlooms, we now need to consider [...]

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Get An Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN)

  Identity theft has become a serious and growing problem, and as a result, protecting your social security number has become more and more important. Many now have the option to obtain an  Identity Protection PIN (IP PIN) number to use on Federal tax filings in lieu of your social security number. For those interested [...]

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Asset Protection, How Did We Get Here?

If you have ever contemplated protecting your assets from the claims of others (creditors, spouses in divorce, personal guarantees, etc.), you have likely wanted to find a “magic bullet” to cure your problems and calm your concerns. However, you likely quickly found that no such magic bullets actually exist.  On the other hand, you also [...]

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Richard M. Morgan, Loraine M. DiSalvo and Diane Weinberg Recognized in Georgia’s Top Rated Lawyers of 2015

The estate planning attorneys at Morgan & DiSalvo, PC announced today that Richard M. Morgan, Loraine M. DiSalvo and Diane Weinberg have been named to the Georgia’s Top Rated Lawyers of 2015 by ALM and Martindale-Hubbell. The attorneys featured on this prestigious list have all achieved the peer reviewed rating of AV Preeminent® by Martindale-Hubbell®, [...]

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Can You Buy Happiness? Interview with the co-author of the informative book, “Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending.”

Randy Fox, Harvard Business School Professor and Author, interviews Mike Norton about the book he co-authored with Elizabeth Dunn which explains their research findings on what makes people happy.  A worthwhile and interesting read that delves into spending on yourself vs. giving to others. Click here to read the interview: Richard M. Morgan     [...]

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