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Can You Buy Happiness?

The studies on the links between money / wealth and happiness are digging deeper and deeper.  Previous studies found that we need a certain amount of money and wealth to be happy or we end up worried about providing for our and our family’s needs.  At least one study found that happiness increased as income [...]

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Should you tell your children about your wealth and your estate plan?

This is a common client question, and the answer is that it depends.  For some, discussing finances with their family is natural and for others it would be like going to the dentist for a root canal. Each family is unique, but when done, can be very beneficial for the family. For an excellent discussion [...]

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Updates to Blogs Past: Current Medicaid Eligibility and the Spirit (Really, the Corpse) of Casey Kasem

By Diane Weinberg The world of Elder Law is fluid; I always describe the practice as working with “shifting sand.”  With that in mind, we already have updates to two of our recent blog posts: 1)    “Medicaid Moved the Cheese,” posted on July 8, 2014.  Well, Medicaid didn’t actually move the cheese.  Medicaid planned to [...]

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Important Tax Court Case Dealing with the Valuation of a Business: Buy-Sell Agreements, Employment Agreements and Initial Appraisals do matter, but not necessarily in the way you may think.

By Richard M. Morgan The Tax Court in the recent Adell v. Comm. Case has made some very interesting determinations that will help in planning for the valuation of closely-held business interests.  Estate of Franklin Z. Adell, Deceased, v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, T.C. Memo. 2014-155 (August 4, 2014). At the outset, it is important [...]

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Shifting business opportunities: An incredible strategy to shift wealth and income to other family members if you have or create the right facts.

By Richard M. Morgan The 2014 U.S. Tax Court case, Bross Trucking v Commissioner, illustrates the type of facts needed to shift business opportunities that would otherwise go to an existing business entity. In this case, a trucking company was in trouble with various federal regulatory agencies and wanted to have the business continue under [...]

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