“The Accidental Superpower” by Peter Zeihan

As I have gotten older, I love to learn more and more.  The current book I am reading is not just good but rather mind altering as to how I see our world’s past and future.  I can now make more sense of the Middle East’s chaos and have a sense as to why our government is starting to make friends with prior enemies and pull away somewhat from our traditional allies. Did you ever wonder why President Obama became the first sitting President to visit Myanmar (previously known as Burma)?  Did you realize that a county’s demographics (population age) and geography will play huge roles in how a country will succeed (or fail) in the future?  It makes sense after you read the book. So, for anyone that wants to understand current and evolving geopolitics in the world, this is the book to read!  You can read a Wall Street Journal review of the book at:


When I first heard about the book on CNN’s foreign affairs show hosted by Fareed Zakaria, I ordered the book on Amazon but it was sold out. The demand was huge, and they had to print more books. Enjoy!

Richard M. Morgan

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