Q&A with Loraine: Deceased LinkedIn Member

Question: How can we have an online profile for a deceased team member deleted from LinkedIn? Background: A deceased colleague of ours continues to be …

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Q&A with Loraine: Administrator amendment

Question: How do I amend a probate administrator decision? A number of siblings were left off the original filing. Loraine’s Answer: I think that your …

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Q&A with Loraine: Probate costs

Question: How much does it cost to probate a standard will? There is no land, money, or other assets in the estate to be distributed. …

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Q&A with Loraine: Distribution of Jointly Owned Property

Question: How is the distribution of joint property handled when a married couple have separate wills but own assets together? I understand that assets that …

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Q&A with Loraine: Transfer of Property Deed

Question: Dad wants me to sell his house when he passes but my stepmom is on the deed. He is still alive and I have …

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Q&A with Loraine: Lot in Deceased’s Name

Question: Who is entitled to a lot not listed in my deceased husband’s will? Loraine’s Answer: Please accept my condolences on the loss of your …

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Q&A with Loraine: Putting Car in My Name

Question: My father recently died with an outstanding title loan on his car. I used my own money to pay off the title loan, do …

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Q&A with Loraine: Releasing an Executor from liability

Question: When the estate is completely settled, what steps does the executor take to release himself from future liability? Background: My brother is the Executor …

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