Q&A with Loraine: Releasing an Executor from liability

Question: When the estate is completely settled, what steps does the executor take to release himself from future liability? Background: My brother is the Executor ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Selling Mother’s House

Question: Do I need to go through a lengthy probate process to sell my mother’s house (her only asset) or is there a simpler way? ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Mother’s Jewelry

Question: When my mother died, she left me all her jewelry, which is in a bank safe deposit box. How can I retrieve what my ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Mom Left No Will

Question: Can I skip probate court to sell my mother’s real estate property? She died without a Will. Background: My mother passed a few months ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Selling Unneeded Cemetery Plots

Question: I want to sell my grandparents’ extra cemetery plots as no one else in my family will use them. Background: My grandparents bought four ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Adding a Child’s Name to a House Deed

Question: My mother wants me and my sister to add our names to the deed on my mother’s house while she is still alive. How ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Texts and Wills

Question: Is naming a beneficiary in a phone text considered a legal standard as far as a Will is concerned? Background: My brother is deceased, ...
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Q&A with Loraine: Reaching Your Attorney

Question: I hired an attorney to help me with a matter, but now I can never reach her when she’s in the office and not ...
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