Revocable Living Trusts: What You Need to Know

On September 14, 2016, Richard Morgan was part of a panel discussion at the monthly meeting of the Estate Planning & Probate Section of the Atlanta Bar Association. The general topic of the discussion was Revocable Living Trusts (RLTs) versus Wills. The panelists tried to help attendees consider the actual advantages and disadvantages of using an RLT as part of an estate plan instead of using a Will as the primary estate planning document, and to discuss the honest differences of opinion that educated, experienced attorneys may have on the subject. As part of this presentation, we revisited and updated our previously released three-part Newsletter series on RLTs. We made the updates because we are constantly learning, both from other professionals and from direct experience working with client matters, and we are constantly developing our thoughts and techniques as a result of what we learn.

In this month’s issue of The Passionate Estate Planner, we present this updated three-part series. The series includes the following topics:

1. Should I Use A Will Or A Revocable Living Trust As My Primary Estate Planning Document? Separating Facts From Fiction

2. Do You Need to Fully Fund Your Revocable Living Trust During Your Life?

3. How To Fund Your Revocable Living Trust

If you have questions about whether a Will or an RLT is right for you, or want help separating the facts from many misunderstandings and myths about each kind of document, please contact us at (678) 720-0750 or for a complementary estate planning consultation.

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