Important Tax Court Case Dealing with the Valuation of a Business: Buy-Sell Agreements, Employment Agreements and Initial Appraisals do matter, but not necessarily in the way you may think.

By Richard M. Morgan The Tax Court in the recent Adell v. Comm. Case has made some very interesting determinations that will help in planning for the valuation of closely-held business interests.  Estate of Franklin Z. Adell, Deceased, v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, T.C. Memo. 2014-155 (August 4, 2014). At the outset, it is important [...]

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The Time to Act is Now For Incredible Tax Planning Opportunities

What do you get when you mix low business, real estate, and other asset values with historically low interest rates and a historically low gift tax rate? Incredible tax planning opportunities! The economic turmoil which surrounds us today has caused many people to freeze, afraid to make changes to their assets. However, this same economic [...]

Planning – Especially Important for Business Owners

Many business owners spend the bulk of their time working to build their businesses. Sadly, too many business owners also fail to spend much, if any, time planning for their own futures or the futures of their businesses. Proper and careful planning can help ensure that a business runs smoothly, produces maximum value for its [...]