Updates to Blogs Past: Current Medicaid Eligibility and the Spirit (Really, the Corpse) of Casey Kasem

By Diane Weinberg The world of Elder Law is fluid; I always describe the practice as working with “shifting sand.”  With that in mind, we already have updates to two of our recent blog posts: 1)    “Medicaid Moved the Cheese,” posted on July 8, 2014.  Well, Medicaid didn’t actually move the cheese.  Medicaid planned to [...]

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Announcing the New Morgan and DiSalvo Website!

For the past few months, we have had our technical team hard at work designing and building a brand-new website to better serve our clients and professional contacts. Everything about the site is improved, from a wider, more user-friendly layout and improved navigation to an easier-to-read text style. The site is divided into five tabbed [...]

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Possibly the Best Way to Pass Assets to Your Children or Other Loved Ones: GST Planning – Part One

Eventually, we all pass on. At that point, assuming we didn’t die broke, we will usually leave some form of inheritance to people who survive us. Some of us also may also want to make gifts to our loved ones before we die. Proper estate planning allows you to control who will receive a gift or inheritance from you, and to decide how the recipients will benefit from the assets. Proper estate planning... read more

Possibly The Best Way to Pass Assets On To Your Children or Other Loved Ones: GST Planning – Part Two

In our last newsletter, we introduced the concept of “GST planning,” which is, in essence, estate planning using the generation-skipping transfer (“GST”) tax exemption in conjunction with long-term trusts to provide great benefits for the intended beneficiaries of a gift or inheritance. Last month’s newsletter article discussed the GST planning option, along with its incredible potential benefits and flexibility. We focused on trying to explain what GST planning is and what it can offer. In this issue we’ve focused on things you should keep in mind and consider when you decide to include GST planning in your own estate plan. read more...

Fiduciary Selection: A Critical Part of Any Well-Prepared Estate Plan

by Richard M. Morgan & Loraine M. DiSalvo In the estate planning context, a “fiduciary” is someone who will serve in a role of authority with regard to you, your assets, or your minor children. Fiduciary roles which may be part of an estate plan can include an Executor, a Trustee, a Guardian and/or Conservator, [...]

The Benefits of Proper Estate Planning

To see what happens without proper estate planning, let us consider a common family situation. Assume that you own most or all of the significant family assets in your individual name and you die leaving a spouse and minor children. If you die in Georgia without a valid will, your probate estate assets will be [...]

Concern Over Spoiling Your Children

Virtually every parent at some point wrestles with the perceived trade off of passing the maximum amount of property to his or her children and spoiling the children. Many parents are concerned that giving too much wealth to their children might ruin their work ethic or cause other undesirable issues. To help reduce the potential [...]

The Importance of Estate Planning

Although Kristen and Dave Kelman had worked previously with an estate planning attorney, their existing will was a typical boilerplate document and, as Kristen pointed out, it was pre-kids. “We were in the process of adoption so it mentioned future kids but it just didn’t go deep enough,” explained Kristen. “The previous attorney asked a [...]

Blended Families

Although Matthew and Jennifer Bishop had carefully put together wills after the birth of their son, that was nearly six years ago and their lives had become much more complicated. Matthew’s business, which operated in a niche market, now had offices across the state of Georgia. “As the business became more profitable, we had more [...]